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How to keep your dog healthy this holiday season

The holiday season is a time for celebrating and indulging but dog owners should ensure their pet stays healthy at this time of year, as with any time of year. Take a look at these top tips to keep your dog healthy this holiday season.


Though it’s the time of year when we like to indulge, it’s important to ensure that you do not give your dog too many food treats, which could cause weight problems. Instead of food treats, you could try giving your dog other kinds of treats, such as a cuddle, fun toy or game.

Avoid chocolate

There might be a lot of chocolate in your house during the holidays. It’s important to keep chocolate out of reach of your dog to avoid them consuming it as chocolate is toxic to dogs. Don’t leave boxes of chocolate lying around the house – place them in a high cupboard where your dog can’t get to them.

Avoid raisins and grapes

Raisins and grapes can make your dog very ill so make sure mince pies, cakes and puddings are kept out of reach.

Table scraps

Avoid giving your dog table scraps because this can make them put on weight and also cause stomach upsets if the food is too rich or salty. It’s best to stick to your dog’s normal food.


Your dog needs to take a walk all year round, even during the holiday season, to ensure they get the exercise they need. If your dog has an Animo activity and behavior monitor, you can set a daily activity goal to ensure your dog gets enough exercise. If you are having a party, exercise your dog before your guests arrive or invite your guests out for a walk to keep everyone healthy!

Pet sitters

If you’re going away for the holiday season and you are leaving your dog at home with a friend, family member or pet sitter, Animo is a great way to ensure that your dog stays active while you’re on holiday. If you let your pet sitter sync Animo, they can keep on top of your dog’s daily goals and you can see what your dog gets up to while you’re away.

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