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Five signs your dog loves you

Dogs are renowned for being open with their displays of affection. Many of us treat them as a member of the family and it’s nice to get feedback from them that they love us in return. This Valentine’s Day why not take a look at these five signs that your dog loves you.

Greeting you

If a dog greets you when you arrive home, this is definitely a sign of affection. It shows they have missed you while you’ve been away, and they are happy to see you. Although it’s not always welcome behavior, dogs that are excitable or jump up when they greet you are particularly open with their affections.

Tail wagging

Contrary to popular belief, tail wagging is not always a sign of affection, but if you approach your dog when they are happy and content and their tail starts to wag, this indicates that they are happy to see you and they are welcoming your attention.

Eye contact

Looking into someone’s eyes is a sign of trust, so if your dog looks directly into your eyes, it shows they are completely comfortable in your company. Gazing into your eyes also releases oxytocin (the love hormone) in your dog.

Looking into their eyes is a great way to hold their attention when you’re playing or training them. Try not to stare into their eyes too much though because it could make them feel uncomfortable.

Bringing you toys

If your dog brings you toys it not only shows that they enjoy playing with you, but also that they trust you to have possession of their favorite things. Dogs can become very attached to their toys, so you should consider it an honor if they want to share them with you!

Sleeping in your bed

Not all dog owners like this, but if your dog wants to sleep in your bed, it shows that they consider you to be part of the pack. When dogs are asleep, they are at their most vulnerable, so sharing their bed with you shows that they feel safe in your company. This feeling of safety can work both ways. You might feel a sense of security having your dog in bed with you who might alert you to any night-time disturbances.

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