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Why rest for dogs is as important as exercise

Many of us know the importance of making sure our dogs are properly exercised. But did you know that rest is just as important to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy? Here’s why.

Processing life skills

When a dog rests, this gives them time to process any training or social skills they have recently learnt. Puppies in particular need extra rest to avoid becoming overtired whilst they’re being trained, so a routine of learning, followed by a period of rest is important.

Physical ailments

If your dog has a medical condition or joint problems, they may need more rest than other dogs to recover from physical activity to prevent them from experiencing discomfort or pain due to their condition. Ensure your dog gets plenty of rest and speak to your vet if you are unsure about how much exercise they should be getting. You’ll need to find the right balance of exercise and rest so that they stay comfortable.

Rest days

We all know that taking a dog for a walk every day is important for their wellbeing, but sometimes it might be advisable for your dog to take a rest day where they do not go out for a walk at all. This is a good idea if you have a young puppy who has been getting overly excitable during their walks, or for a dog that has had a bad experience whilst on a walk and they need time to calm down at home. Or your dog might be recovering from an operation and might need to spend several days at home while they recover.

A rest day needn’t be boring. It’s an opportunity to bond with your dog in different ways and ensure they get gentle exercise through playing games or wandering around the garden.

Monitoring rest

The Animo activity and behavior monitor for dogs allows you to track how much rest your dog is getting during the day and how good their sleep quality is at night. It also monitors your dog’s activity, so you can keep track of their active and rest states, ensuring they get the right level of both. Animo will alert you if your dog’s sleep quality decreases. If your dog is having trouble sleeping, this could be because they are being over-exercised, so you may need to experiment with giving them more rest throughout the day to see if their sleep quality improves.

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