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Why it’s important to keep track of your dog’s activity

Many dog owners lead busy lives, so it can be hard to keep track of how active a dog is each day. But keeping track of your dog’s activity levels could be vital in ensuring they lead happy, healthy lives.

Your dog might be on its own during the day, or with a pet sitter while you are on holiday, making it hard to know how active your dog has been.

How to keep track

The easiest way to keep track of your dog’s activity is to give them an activity monitor such as Animo. Animo is a collar-mounted device that records your dog’s activity levels throughout the day and allows you to set goals to make sure they’re getting plenty of exercise. It will help you understand how active they are when you are out of the house and how much exercise your dog is getting when they are with a pet sitter.

Keeping your dog happy

An active dog is a happy dog as exercise stimulates the mind as well as the body, so by tracking their activity, you can ensure they are happy as well as healthy. Animo keeps a log of your dog’s activity levels each day to help you notice any changes in behavior. If your dog becomes less active, they may be feeling under the weather or have developed an illness that needs investigating.

Preventing obesity

If your dog is not active enough, they may be at risk of obesity and obesity-related conditions such as diabetes. Use Animo to ensure your dog stays active enough to keep them trim. Animo can also keep track of your dog’s calorie intake.

Preventing too much activity

You may need to keep track of your dog’s activity levels if too much activity could cause them an injury. For example, there may be a limit to how active your dog should be if they have joint problems. Therefore, Animo can be a useful tool if you want to check that your dog is maintaining a moderate level of activity throughout the day.

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