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Why consistent exercise is important for dogs

Exercise gives dogs mental as well as physical stimulation. It’s important to keep exercise consistent to keep boredom and weight problems at bay. Here are some tips to ensure your dog gets the consistent exercise they deserve.

Effects of inconsistent exercise

If a dog doesn’t have consistent exercise, there will be days where their mental state is affected because they will lack the stimulation they need. They could also start to suffer the effects of weight problems and become agitated, which could lead to excessive barking. Regular, daily exercise, whether it be walking, running, swimming or playing, should be kept up so that your dog stays happy and healthy.


Consistent exercise goes hand in hand with your dog’s training routine. If you have a puppy or a rescue dog, incorporating their training sessions into their regular exercise routine will ensure they can practise their training in everyday life situations.


As well as ensuring their exercise is consistent, it’s important that your dog has plenty of variety. Your dog might become bored with the same linear walk every day or playing the same game in the garden. Try taking different routes on your walk or travel further afield and take a walk in a location you’ve never been to before. Get creative with their play by setting up treasure hunts or use puzzle feeders to keep them entertained at mealtimes.

Monitor exercise

To ensure your dog is getting consistent exercise, you could give them an Animo activity and behaviour monitor to wear. This device monitors how much exercise your dog is getting each day. And to be sure they get consistent exercise, you can set daily activity or calorie burn goals. Animo also monitors barking, so if you have a barky dog, you can compare how much they bark with their levels of activity to try to determine how their exercise might be affecting their barking.

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