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Is your dog really getting the right amount of exercise?

Pet owners often fail to spot when their pets have become overweight, despite vets seeing increasing signs of it. In the US, the 2020 Veterinary Emerging Topics (VET)™ Report from Banfield Pet Hospital found that 50% of dogs are classified as overweight or obese. However, less than 10% of overweight dogs successfully lose weight. Of those that are successful, 40% of dogs are unable to maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise & diet monitoring – the key to a healthy weight 

There are two main factors that influence a dog’s weight: the amount of exercise they get and their diet. An unsuitable ratio between the two can result in unwanted weight gain or loss. The recommended amount of exercise and food portions can greatly vary depending on the age and breed of your dog. Your vet can provide you with the correct advice on what to feed your dog and how much exercise they should be getting.  

How to keep track of your pet’s exercise & diet 

A easy and reliable way of keeping track of your dog’s exercise is by investing in an activity and behaviour monitor. The Sure Petcare Animo®  can help you keep track of how much exercise your pet is getting. You can also set daily activity and calorie burn goals and be notified when your dog has reached its goals for the day. 

The effect of exercise on the sleep quality 

Another indicator of the right amount of exercise is sleep; it is likely that if your dog is getting too much or too little exercise, their sleep patterns may be disrupted. Too little exercise may lead to disruptive behaviour whilst too much exercise can cause joint pain, leaving the dog restless at night. 

Read our customer testimonials to find out how Animo has helped other dog owners managing their pet’s daily exercise. 

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