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How to clicker train your dog

There are different ways to train a dog, but clicker training can be a very effective option. As each click sounds exactly the same as the last, there’s little chance of your dog getting confused by its meaning.

The clicker should only be used to indicate good behaviour, followed by a treat reward after each click. This will help them to associate the click with a reward. Using the clicker in conjunction with treats is a more effective way to train your dog than using treats alone, as the clicker is an indicator to your dog that something good is on the way.

Another way to introduce the clicker is to set some time aside in a quiet room with a bag of treats. Press the clicker a few times and after each click, give your dog a treat. Repeat the process until your dog gets the hang of it.  When he starts looking for a treat after each click you’ll know he’s got the idea. Ensure that your clicker training takes place in a quiet area where there are no other noises that might cause distractions.

Once your dog has got used to the sound of the clicker, start using it to teach your dog some simple commands such as sitting or walking to heel. The act of sitting is a good one to start with as it’s a natural thing for your dog to do. As soon as your dog does exactly what you want him to, press the clicker immediately and reward him with a treat.

Clicker training can be used to improve your dog’s behaviour, or perform certain tricks on demand. Puppies usually get the hand of clicker training quickly, but dogs of any age can respond to clicker training. A clicker is usually a small strip of metal encased in plastic that clicks when pressed and can be picked up cheaply from many pet shops.

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