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Prepare early for winter – your cat will thank you!

By the end of summer, daylight hours gradually decrease and can be dangerous, and stressful, for your cat. Like us humans, cats are sensitive to seasonal changes and the autumn months are the perfect time to help your cat adapt to the winter months. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

Adapting to the darker mornings

Consider delaying letting your cat out until it is light, allowing them out a bit earlier each day so that they can adapt to the dark mornings gradually.  Traffic will be harder to negotiate in the dark for your cat so a gradual ease into the change in daylight will help them to adapt. You may want to install a cat door that you can either access remotely or set curfew times. If you already have a SureFlap Microchip Cat Door or similar door, now is the time to check the batteries and clean the door.

Check your boiler and consider additional heating sources

Heating is unpredictable and variable, with some days warm and others cold.  This makes it hard for your cat to regulate their temperature.  Check your boiler and set the thermostat so that your heating comes on automatically during cold weather.  A heated pad or blanket specifically for animals will give them a cosy place to rest at the same time as helping them control their body temperature more easily.

Install additional litter trays inside

For colder and rainy days, make sure that your cat has sufficient access to litter trays in the house, ideally in a quiet place where they cannot be disturbed.  If you have more than one cat you should always have as many litter tray as you have cats plus one extra.

Indoor activities for indoor days

If your cat doesn't want to go out in the cold, make sure that they are entertained, reducing boredom and stress.  Now is a great time to get extra pet toys and activity stations so that when the weather does change, your cat knows exactly where to find them.   

Make sure food is freely available

As the heating is switched on, you may see your cat’s food consumption increases as they need more energy for the colder months.  A pet feeder like the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder will help keep food fresh and allow them to graze-feed throughout the day. 

Set up sheltered areas outside

For outdoor cats, the changeable weather doesn’t mean that they have to stay indoors.  In preparation for the winter months, set up sheltered areas in the garden so they can stay out for longer without getting cold.  Planting evergreen honeysuckle in the garden will attract insects; a great hunting ground for your cat, providing mental and physical stimulation at the same time as detracting them from hunting other wildlife. 

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