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Outdoor cat toys for your garden

Providing outdoor enrichment for your cat will keep them entertained in the garden and will dissuade them from straying into neighboring territories. Toys in the garden can give your cat a chance to exercise more, lead a healthier lifestyle and keep them entertained when you’re not at home.

Cat toys needn’t be solely for indoor use; they can be used outdoors too! Attach hanging toys around the garden, and when the wind picks up, your cat will have fun chasing them. This means that they can play with their toys even when you’re not at home.

Many cats love climbing trees. Make them even more appealing to your cat by suspending hammocks from the branches for your cat to climb onto. You can make cat hammocks out of old material and rope.

Cat tunnels positioned around the garden on warm days can provide entertainment as well as shade. Tunnels made specifically for cats are available to buy, but you can also make them cheaply out of large cardboard tubing.

Plant pots, statues and shrubs give your cat the opportunity to play hide and seek. It’s a good idea to have a few evergreen plants that won’t die out in the winter months so your garden doesn’t look too sparse. Position some of these objects around your cat’s cat flap to provide shelter when they come into and go out of the house.

Cats love to climb and survey their territory from a height. Create multiple levels using planks of wood, tyres, crates or wooden posts positioned at intervals around the garden. Make sure they’re not spread too far apart so that your cat can easily hop from one level to the next. You could even install a wooden climbing tower made specifically for cats.

Heard of hamster wheels? Did you know you can get cat wheels too? You might not have enough room in your house to accommodate a cat wheel, so the garden could be the ideal place for it.

It’s important to maintain your cat’s garden toys, even in the winter, to ensure the safety of your pet. Wooden structures will be exposed to the elements so may need changing from time to time. Try moving some of your cat’s toys to different locations in the garden to keep them interested.

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