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The Pivotto family

Remote locking comes in handy for customer in Italy

We got in touch with Emanuele from Italy to find out how his cats Nano (aged 3), Silvestro (aged 3), Minnie (aged 2) and Spritz (aged 6 months) are getting on with their SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect.

Emanuele, can you tell us why you decided to purchase a Microchip Cat Door Connect?

We already had a cat door and wanted to have more information about our cats’ behavior when we're not at home. It allows us to make sure they are going in and out and that they feed regularly, and we can prevent other cats getting in as well as choosing which cats are allowed outside.

How did you find the setup of the product?

Microchip Cat Flap Connect with two catsIt's very easy, even a technology troglodyte like me could set it up it in a minute.

Has the cat door provided you with more control over your pets’ access?

Yes, the remote locking and curfew mode are the reasons we purchased it.

Has the cat door enabled you to have any further insight in the behavior of your cats?

Yes, it helped us to understand that Silvestro is an outside cat and Nano is an inside cat and that he has changed his behavior since Spritz joined the family. At first he was jealous of the new addition, but after a few weeks we discovered that he got back to his previous habits.

Does the cat door make you feel more connected to your cats? 

Yes, definitely.

How did you find the setup of the app?

Very easy; I had to move from iPhone to Samsung and it was quick.

How often do you use the app and when do you interact with it most?

I give it a daily check, usually to answer the questions ‘is Nano back?’ or ‘has Silvestro arrived?’

What area of the app have you used the most?

I look at how long the cats spend outside over time.

Do the notifications provide any additional insight?

Sometimes a cat will go missing for a day or too and then we get a notification that they have returned, which gives us great relief.

Would you recommend the product?


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