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The Chu family

Brown Dog, the story of a the anxious dog and the Animo

Anxiety in dogs can come in all shapes and sizes, here we have the story of Brown Dog and how the use of data analysis from Animo can help owners manage his condition.

Brown Dog in his Thunder Coat

Anxiety is common condition in dogs that can be caused by a whole host of situations and can affect dogs in very different ways. Common causes can be fear related, separation from their owners as well as cognitive decline that can lead to confusion and anxiety.

Brown Dog is a great example how a clever device can help identify the signs of anxiety and treat within a dog after his owner, Samantha attached an Animo, a pet activity and behviour monitor, to his collar. Using the app, she was able to keep track and treat not just his anxiety, but also a skin condition and arthritis.


“To see that he’s having a physical shaking response was insightful” 


Brown dog has always shown some signs of anxiety and, like many dogs, would get anxious during thunderstorms, however, Samantha didn’t see the full extent of his Anxiety until she took a closer look at her Animo data.

“I didn’t realize how sensitive he was to the outdoor elements.  He will try to hide if there’s a thunderstorm or lawn mowers outside, but to see that he’s having a physical shaking response was insightful.  I was better able to anticipate these episodes and put a thundershirt on him and give him an extra dose of anxiety medication.”


As well as treating Brown Dog’s anxiety, Samantha has also found Animo useful for keeping an eye on other health conditions through the behviour tracking features of the Animo app. The device can accurately track scratching and shaking, which can help manage conditions such as skin allergies and ear infections, which unfortunately, Brown Dog also requires treatment for.

Brown Dog's Data


“I regularly give him medication for his allergies.  Animo is so precise that I can tell if I am an hour late on his dose because he will be scratching more.  He has also had two ear hematoma surgeries in the last three years, so it’s important to keep his allergies and scratching to a minimum to prevent another one.”


“I am a very involved pet parent, but Animo has given Brown Dog his own voice.  It confirms and validates what I think he may be feeling, and in turn, I’m better able to communicate and show my vet what is going on with him. Every dog regardless of size, breed or lifestyle will benefit from an Animo.  It helps me manage his wellbeing and gives me peace of mind that he’s happy.”   

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