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What’s next for Sure Petcare?

We’ve been celebrating ten years of the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door, exploring our roots and looking ahead to the next ten years. From the end of 2019, we plan to incorporate temperature monitoring into some of our microchip-operated pet products.

In our previous blog post we talked about our connected product ecosystem and how this can help with monitoring pet behaviour and routines. By adding the ability to monitor a pet’s temperature to our connected products, owners will be able to build an even more comprehensive picture of their pet’s health and wellbeing.

This will be made possible by the Sure Petcare Thermochip™, an identification microchip with an integrated biosensor, which enables a pet’s temperature and identification number to be read simultaneously. This means that a pet’s temperature can be read multiple times a day, and once integrated into a microchip-operated product, this will be done seamlessly whenever the pet uses the product.

Not a replacement for rectal temperature, which is the preferred method used by veterinary professionals to read a pet’s temperature, Microchip Temperature readings taken regularly in the home will be able to give an insight into a pet’s health over a period of time, which has not previously been possible.

In the future, temperature readings collected via connected temperature-monitoring products, together with data relating to a pet’s day-to-day activity will be accessible via the Sure Petcare app. This will give you a more complete picture of your pet’s ‘normal’ health and wellbeing, allowing you to care for your pet in a much more proactive way.

The temperature-sensing microchip is already available in several markets within Europe and North America, with more markets planned to launch in the coming months.

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