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SureFlap protects home from intruder cats for ten years

Jennifer is one of our very early customers – she first purchased a SureFlap Microchip Cat Door in 2008, before moving onto a SureFlap Microchip Pet Door to give her large cat more comfortable access. As part of our 10th Anniversary campaign, we got in touch with her to find out more.

Can you tell us a bit about your cats?

I have two cats; Mavvy Cat and Goosie Cat. 

Can you remember where you first heard about Sure Petcare?

I Googled cat doors back in 2008, as we had recently adopted some cats and needed a cat door for them.

Is the original product you purchased still in working order?

No, our first cat door stopped working and you replaced it free of charge. Later we decided to upgrade to the pet door as it was a better size for our larger cat.

How has the product helped you?  What problem has it solved?

We had a 'bully cat' that used to come around and try and eat all of the cats’ food and generally boss them about, so we wanted a secure cat flap to stop him accessing the house. 

It’s also very useful to allow in-only access. If any of our cats are sick and we need to keep them in the house, we can let the other cat out via the 'human flap' (door) knowing that he can come back in any time he wants, but that the other cat cannot get out. That is very handy. 

Have you recommended any of our products to friends or family?

Yes, I have. I’ve recommended your products to many of my friends and family as I feel your products provide a great solution. No more silly magnets on collars.

If you recommended a product, why did you recommend it and what did the friend or family member think of the product?

My mum bought a cat door from yourself and was very pleased with it. She has a lot of cats in her area and didn't want to have a cat door in case they all came in the house, but your product solved that. 

Have you ever contacted our customer care team and if so, what did you think of the service you received?

Yes, twice I think. The first time was when the original cat door we owned stopped working and you replaced it which was great. Then we had some issues with the pet door not always opening to let my cats in, due to a problem with one of my cat’s microchips. The customer care team provided an extended tunnel and handy advice on how to set the configuration for a wider range to pick up the microchip which fixed the issue. Very good customer care.


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