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How Animo can enhance a dog walk

When you take your dog for their daily walk, do you know how much exercise they’re getting, or how the walk might be affecting them in other areas of their lives? Here we take a look at how the Animo activity and behaviour monitor can help to enhance your dog’s walk.

Activity levels

If you take your dog on a walk for half an hour, do you know how active your dog has been during that walk? You might have been walking in a straight line for half an hour, but your dog might be stopping to sniff things and the meandering nature of their walk could mean their activity levels are quite different.

Animo tracks how active your dog has been each day, so you can check their activity levels on any given dog walk to ensure they get enough exercise. Animo also enables you to set daily activity goals. This can help to encourage you to take a slightly longer walk each day in order to meet the goal, which could have a positive impact on both you and your dog’s health.

Sleep levels

If you have an older dog, a dog with a medical condition or a dog with joint problems, too much exercise can affect your dog’s sleep. For example, a dog with joint problems that has just been on a long walk may find it difficult to sleep at night if their joints are aching. Animo can help with this situation.

Animo tracks your dog’s nightly sleep quality, so that you can see if they have had a poor night’s sleep after a long walk. By adjusting your dog’s daily activity goals and comparing it to their nightly sleep quality, you can find the right level of exercise to suit their needs to ensure their sleep is disrupted as little as possible.


Animo monitors how much your dog scratches and will send you an alert if your dog displays any significant increases in scratching. If your dog has a skin condition or is sensitive to the environment around them which might cause them to scratch more, Animo could help you to find the right location and time of dog walk to suit your pet. If you receive an alert that your dog is scratching more than normal after a walk, you could try walking your dog at a different time of day or in a different location and assess how this affects their scratching. With a bit of experimentation, you could find just the right walk that results in the least amount of scratching.

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