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Outdoor Dog Care

Preparing your puppy for the outside world

Your puppy will love exploring the great outdoors with so many exciting new sounds, sights and smells to enjoy. Here are some things to consider to help prepare them for exploring outside.

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What makes a good dog walk?

Making your dog’s walk varied and interesting will help to stimulate them mentally as well as physically, which is important for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Here we take a look at what makes a good dog walk.

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Tips for walking your dog in the dark

As the days grow short, it’s likely you’ll be taking your dog for evening or early morning walks in the dark. Taking extra precautions whilst walking your dog in the dark will mean that you and your dog can still have safe, enjoyable walks all year round.

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6 creative ways to keep your dog active

Are you and your dog bored of the same old walk in the woods? Are you looking for more interesting activities you can do to provide much needed stimulation and alternative ways to exercise? Take a look at our tips below to help you find creative ways to keep your dog active.

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How to reduce the chances of your dog getting lost

No one likes the thought of losing their dog, so we’ve put together these top tips to reduce the likelihood of your dog wandering off.

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Dog walker’s checklist

Whether you are a new dog owner, or you have been taking your dog for walks for years, there are some things that would be useful to take with you which you might not have thought of. Here’s our dog walking checklist to help you make sure you and your dog has everything you need.

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Swimming tips for dogs

Many dogs like nothing better than a doggy paddle and these top tips will help to ensure your dog has fun and stays safe in the water.

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8 ways to create a dog-friendly garden

Your garden is as much your dog’s as it is yours; it’s a great place for them to explore, dig and use the toilet in between walks. These top tips will ensure that your garden is tailored to your dog’s needs.

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