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Wood Green, The Animals Charity – A Sure Petcare Charity Partner

From humble beginnings in 1924 and the subsequent headquarter move from London to Cambridgeshire, Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Godmanchester has become one of the largest pet rehoming centres in Europe for the care of dogs, cats and smalls pets.

The charity takes in unwanted and lost pets, provides shelter and care, finds secure and loving homes, provides advice and guidance to pet owners and increases public awareness of responsible pet ownership. Around 5,000 pets are rehomed every year and up to 650 pets can be in their care at any one time between their three centres in London, Heydon and Godmanchester.

Wood Green, The Animals Charity has also introduced a free new service to help all pet owners with any questions they may have about their pets, from behaviour tips to health and wellbeing advice.

Linda Cantle, Wood Green’s Director of Animal Services explains; “Our 90 year history of caring for pets means we have a huge bank of knowledge and our team of experts are a trusted source of advice about every aspect of pet care. Everything we do is about keeping pets healthy and happy in their homes and we do all that we can to help.”

Whether dealing with a pet owner or people who are considering having a pet in the future, Wood Green can provide general advice to more intense support.

Wood Green’s dedicated teams believe owning a pet is one of the most rewarding things you can do and are there to listen and give both people and their pets the help they need. From coping with a new puppy to advice about preparing a pet if an owner is about to move home, Wood Green has years of experience. Their experts continuously help pet owners and their pets to live in harmony and get the best out of life. 

Wood Green, The Animals Charity  encourages responsible pet ownership and aims to set the best possible standards for pet care in the UK.  The charity takes the welfare of the pets in their care very seriously and has limited visitors to the kennels only to people who are actively looking to rehome a dog thus preventing any distress related to lots of people walking past. As part of responsible pet ownership, the charity promotes cat neutering and is an active member of Rabbit Awareness Week, which encourages educating people on how to care for rabbits properly.

Wood Green, The Animals Charity relies on donations from the public and run a number of charity shops which help support the work that they do. At Sure Petcare, we have supported the charity for a number of years through our affiliate scheme. For every product sold through the scheme, we make a donation and the customer gets a discount too. We have also supported the charity by sponsoring a cat summer house; a temporary home for cats with specific needs to stay in while they wait for their forever home.

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