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How to help your cat and your dog get along

Cats are solitary creatures by nature and may struggle to live with other cats, let alone a dog. But many of us pet lovers have cats and dogs in the same household. Sometimes they will become friends, and sometimes they’ll merely tolerate one another. Here are some tips to ensure your cat and your dog can live together as harmoniously as possible.

Adopting a new pet

Whether you are adopting a new cat or a new dog, find out as much as you can about their background. If they’ve lived with cats or dogs before then you have a better chance of them getting on with your existing pet.

First meetings

When you introduce your cat and your dog for the first time, be sure to take your dog for a long walk first, so that he is not too overexcited. Keep your dog on a lead during the introductions and make sure your cat has somewhere to hide if necessary.

Reward your dog’s good behaviour

When your dog is behaving well in your cat’s company, reward them to let them know that’s how they should behave around your cat.

Install baby gates

Baby gates allow your cat to escape to areas of the house that your dog cannot reach so that if your cat feels threatened at any time, they can retreat easily.

Raised perches

Cats like to be up high and having lots of raised platforms around your home will allow your cat to relax where your dog can’t reach them.

Install a cat door

If you don’t have one already and your cat likes to go outside, install a cat door so that your cat can go out whenever he chooses. It’s another great way for your cat to escape if your dog gets a bit too much for them.

Feeding time

Dogs have a reputation for eating everything in sight, so to prevent them from stealing your cat’s food, give your cat a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder. The pet feeder has a lid that closes onto a sealed bowl and will only open for your cat’s microchip or RFID collar tag, preventing your dog from eating your cat’s food.

Their own space

Your cat and dog should have their own space within your home that is theirs to make them feel secure and comfortable. Find out which area of the house they spend most of their time and make sure it contains a comfortable bed, some of their favourite toys and a scratching post.

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