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Grooming cats keeps their coats healthy

Cats are good at grooming themselves as they have their very own natural grooming tool; their tongue! Cat tongues have a rough surface and they’re perfect for removing any loose fur and dirt from their coats.

Cats are very supple so they’re able to groom their entire body with ease. But a little extra help from you will ensure their coats are kept in tip top condition.

Grooming your cat will reduce hairballs, improve circulation and create a stronger bond between you and your pet. It also gives you the opportunity to keep an eye out for any fleas or skin conditions. If you notice anything unusual in your cat’s fur, take them to the vet as treatment may be required.

Start when they are young

Grooming your cat when they are a kitten helps them get used to the process when they are still impressionable. Take your time to build up the amount of time you spend grooming them gradually. Don’t be forceful when you groom your kitten, otherwise they might associate the procedure with bad experiences.

Award good behaviour

When your kitten appears contented with you grooming them, offer a treat to let them know that they are behaving well and so that they will associate being groomed with good things. If your kitten is nervous of being groomed, try a few different grooming tools until you find one that your cat is comfortable with.

Prevent matting

When grooming cats, use a comb or brush that is suited to the type of coat your cat has. Long hair will need to be groomed regularly to prevent the fur matting. Matted fur can cause skin irritation and it will need to be shaved off as it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to brush it out without causing your cat considerable discomfort. If you groom your cat regularly then matting shouldn’t occur and you can avoid stressful vet trips.

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