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How your cat might choose to eat

We want to ensure our cats lead a healthy lifestyle and to do that, they need to have a balanced diet. But the way we feed our cats might be quite different to how they want to eat. So how might your cat choose to eat?

Graze feeding

Many cats will graze on their food slowly, choosing to eat 10-12 small meals each day rather than two or three set meals. If your cat graze feeds, then you will need to ensure they have access to food throughout the day. To prevent their food going stale, serve it in a SureFeed bowl, which has a lid that will keep their food fresher and reduce wastage.

Eating everyone’s food

In multi-pet homes, some cats will want to eat all their food and then tuck into the other cats’ food as well. While they might want to eat everything in sight, we don’t want them to do this, as it can make them overweight and cause stress to the other cats in your home. To prevent overeating, give each of your cats a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder or a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect to prevent food sharing.

Solitary feeding

Most cats like to feed in peace and privacy, especially in multi-pet homes where there’s a chance another pet could steal their food. To help reduce stress at feeding times, place all food bowls in separate locations around your home. This should even be done if you have selective feeders as the presence of another cat near their food could upset a cat.

Hunting for food

Cats instinctively hunt for food. To feed this natural instinct, try hiding food for them to search for. Take this food out of their daily portion so that you’re not overfeeding them.

Food temperature

If your cat eats wet food, they might prefer to eat it at room temperature, as in the wild they wouldn’t eat cold food. Therefore, it’s best not to serve their food straight out of the fridge.

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