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The O'Brien family

Louise makes mealtimes easier and healthier for her three cats

Louise lives in Glasgow with her three cats – Niamh the black cat, Poppy the tortoiseshell and Luka the deaf, white cat. Luka has prescription food to manage his feline urinary tract disease (FLUTD). He had a tendency to inhale his food before setting to work on the other cats’ food.

Keeping Luka’s prescription food separate from the other cats, and preventing him from stealing their food is a big priority in this household. Luka’s greediness was making him overweight. To add to the fray, Niamh had a tendency to steal Poppy’s food, leaving her to go hungry.

Separating the cats’ bowls at mealtimes was not always been possible. When Louise lived in a flat, she was able to arrange their bowls so that they couldn’t steal from each other. However, when she moved to a house, such an arrangement was no longer possible.

For six months, Louise struggled to control her cats’ eating habits, and as the months went by, Luka started piling on the pounds. But then Louise found the solution. To make feeding times easier and healthier for her cats, Louise purchased two SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeders, one for Niamh and one for Poppy, so that Luka could no longer steal their food. Just a few weeks later, she bought a third feeder for Luka, so that each cat could have their own private bowl.

Three cats eating from SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeders

Each feeder will only open for the right cat’s microchip. When that cat approaches, the lid slides open so that they can feed. When they walk away, the lid closes, making it impossible for the other two cats to get at the food.

Now Louise knows how much each cat is eating; they are all getting their fair share and Luka’s prescription food is kept separate from the other cats. But the benefits don’t stop there, as Louise explains:

"Our cats seem less stressed at feeding time. Luka now eats slowly and will even leave food to come back to."

"Previously he would eat his food very quickly and sometimes make himself sick. Poppy used to live on biscuits as her wet food was stolen by Niamh. She is now able to graze as she pleases and seems to enjoy her food more. Niamh eats less wet food but eats much slower than before. It is a nice feeling knowing everyone is getting their own food and not overeating.”

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