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The Bensley family

Rescue cats benefit from smart feeding solution

Pip has two rescue cats called Beau, aged 8, and Enzo, aged 3. We caught up with her to find out how her Microchip Pet Feeders are helping to keep Enzo’s weight under control.

"Beau is a nervous cat who was rejected by her first owners. She was sent to a cat rescue centre where she hated all the other cats and ended up in an outdoor kennel but was desperate for a home and loving family. She is affectionate and comes and leans on you and lets you stroke her tummy but absolutely hates being picked up.  She gets startled at the slightest noise. Enzo came into her life when she was five as a little kitten whose pregnant mum had been thrown out and left to die. He is a bold fearless little tiger with no sense of anyone’s personal space.

"They both have dry food morning and evening and some wet food too in the evening. Beau is very ladylike and likes to graze on her food in small amounts through the day. Sadly, Enzo is a bit of a guzzler. If he can get to it, he will eat it. Feeding time became quite stressful. I had to shut Beau in a different room, wait for her to eat and I had to keep remembering to give her any food she didn’t eat at a later stage in the day. This meant odd bowls of food left round the kitchen or in the fridge.

"I put off buying the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder for ages as it is quite a large purchase and I didn’t know whether it would work. I really wish I had bought it earlier. It has revolutionised food time.

"Despite being a nervous cat Beau took to it straight away. We followed the training advice and she found it very easy to work. Enzo is not at all impressed! He has tried everything he can think of to get into her food and it doesn’t work. I thought he was going to be able to work out a way to break into it, but he can’t. If he barges in beside her the lid just calmly closes. He can’t lift the folding cover at all with his claws as it is in a channel and he can’t work out any way to squeeze in from the other side.

"Feeding is so civilised now. Beau can just stroll along as the mood takes her and have a nibble. Enzo has lost a very necessary 1kg and is much healthier as a result. The vet is delighted!

"I know it seems like a lot of money, but it is worth every penny. I cannot recommend this highly enough. I just can’t imagine life without it now."

In the Bensley home...

Microchip Pet Feeder

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