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Sure Petcare’s 24 Days of Christmas 2017

Join us for the 24 days of Christmas on the Sure Petcare Facebook page! We have loads of great prizes to be won each day between now and Christmas Eve.

Enter our advent calendar contest here.

This is your chance to win one of Sure Petcare’s award-winning pet products. Our grand prize is a SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect and Hub, which enables you to control your pet’s access remotely anywhere in the world.

Also up for grabs is a standard Microchip Pet Door, our best-selling SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap and our SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap. You’ll also have the chance to win one of three Microchip Pet Feeders and we have two Sealed Pet Bowls in the mix as well. We’re also offering three Sure Petcare shopping vouchers to the value of £50, £75 and £100.

We have a host of other great prizes to be won too:

5 Feliway Friends Starter Packs
5 Cat Books by Emma Milne
5 Dog Books by Emma Milne
10 SureFlap Key Rings
3 Burgon & Ball Cat Food Storage Containers
3 Burgon & Ball Dog Food Storage Containers
3 Burgon & Ball Cat Mugs
3 Burgon & Ball Dog Mugs
1 Pet’s Kitchen Food & Treats Selection
5 Pet Treat Christmas Baubles
3 Personalised Pet Blankets
24 Base Paws Pet DNA Kits
3 Non-slip Feeding Mats
3 Food Spoon & Lid Sets
1 Paw Door Mat

Take part in Sure Petcare’s 24 Days of Christmas today and find out if you’re a winner instantly. Enter the contest every day between now and Christmas Eve for more chances to win!

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