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Going on holiday? Prepare your dog for your getaway and choose a dog sitter

Before you go on holiday, you will need to make preparations to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy whilst you are gone.

Should you take your dog with you?

It’s your responsibility to make sure your dog is in good health before you take them away with you and that you can transport them safely in the least stressful way. Don’t forget, on top of your clothes and pool floats, you’ll need to pack their food, any medication, blankets, toys and plenty of water to keep them hydrated. This will allow your dog to feel more at home wherever you are in the world.  Make sure your dog is microchipped and has a clean, shiny tag on their collar with an engraving of your phone number, just in case they choose to make a little detour of their own. Unfamiliar surroundings can be frightening so it’s very important they are carrying the correct form of identification.

Is kennels the answer?

There are many reputable dog kennels that will have great facilities to house your dog whilst you are on holiday, but many dogs can find kennels very unsettling and they could return home with kennel cough. If you decide to use a kennel, be sure to visit prior to making a booking to give their facilities a thorough check and ask any questions before your four-pawed friend walks through the door. Once you’ve chosen a kennel that you are happy with, continue to use the same facility for future holidays, so that your dog can return to familiar surroundings.

What about an alternative to kennels?

While you dream of a holiday far away, there’s no destination your dog loves more than their forever home. It’s where they feel safe, secure and happy, and a dog sitter can help them stay there while you’re away. TrustedHousesitters has thousands of trusted dog sitters across 130 countries waiting to love and care for your pampered pooch, just like you do. They do it purely for the love of pets and the chance to experience life somewhere new, and they won’t charge a penny — no matter how long your trip away may be. It’s a good idea to meet your chosen sitter before you go away so that you can show them the local walk routes and ensure they are comfortable with your dog’s habits and regular routine.

Stock up!

Before you go away, make sure you have plenty of your dog’s usual food in stock and any medication that they may need. Make sure they still have access to their bed and favourite toys too. If any problems do arise, TrustedHousesitters members have access to a 24/7 Vet Advice Line in case your dog needs some extra attention, but make sure to leave the contact details of your dog’s registered vet at home with your dog sitter just in case.

If you have a Sure Petcare product, such as an Animo activity and behaviour monitor, then it will be a good idea to change the battery before you go away, especially if you haven’t done so recently. This will ensure that the product continues to work while you are away.

Helping pet lovers travel

TrustedHousesitters is the pet care solution keeping pets happy at home and helping people to travel. How does it work? Made up of both owners and sitters, members pay just once a year to connect and exchange home and pet care for the chance to stay with pets in unique places. As neither member charges money, it’s a special exchange that helps owners travel with true peace of mind while pet-loving sitters get to experience life somewhere new.

With members in over 130 countries and more five-star Trustpilot reviews than any other house and pet sitting platform, TrustedHousesitters is officially the world’s largest and most trusted community of its kind.

Visit TrustedHousesitters.com.

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