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How to make mealtimes fun for your dog

Mealtimes needn’t be boring for your dog. Food can be a source of entertainment, providing much needed enrichment. These top tips will help make food more fun for your dog, and will also slow down your dog’s feeding habits, helping them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Puzzle feeders

Puzzle feeders have an uneven surface, a maze-like structure or tall peaks for food to hide amongst. Much more interesting than an ordinary dog bowl, puzzle feeders encourage dogs to take their time working their way through the food.

Food dispensers

Dispensers can be filled with your dog’s normal food or treats. Your dog can then play with the dispenser to get to the food. Pack the dispenser tightly to make it more difficult for your dog to get to the food or freeze it with wet food inside to make getting to the food extra challenging.

Hide food

Hide food around the house so that your dog can spend time hunting for it. This encourages them to use their acute sense of smell. Remember where you put it though so that if your dog doesn’t find it all, you can clean it up!

Offer frozen food

On hot days, freeze some of your dog’s food in blocks of ice. It will take them some time to get to the food and they’ll get a cool treat at the same time.

Teach your dog tricks

Try teaching your dog some tricks that they have to perform in order to get their food. They should enjoy doing the tricks and it’s a good way for them to exercise as well as slowing down their feeding. It can also be a great bonding experience for both you and your dog.

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