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How to make sure your cat is happy when you go on holiday

If you are planning a holiday, there are two options for your cat; either you get a friend or neighbour to drop by to care for them, or you house them in a cattery for the duration of your holiday. Take a look at our tips below to ensure that your cat has a good holiday too!

Don’t change anything in your home

If your cat usually has free access to the whole house, then give them free access while you are away. They may find it stressful if they can’t access an area of the house that they usually can while you are at home.

Don’t give them a new bed, food dish, cat flap etc. just before you go away. Any changes to their environment should be made while you are at home so that you can monitor their behaviour. Also, it’s not advisable to change the type of food you give your cat just before you go away. Changes in your cat’s diet can sometimes cause stomach upsets, which your cat sitter might not thank you for!

Change the batteries in your SureFlap pet door

We advise that you change the batteries in your SureFlap pet door just before you go on holiday to ensure that it will be in full working order while you are away. You shouldn’t rely on your cat sitter noticing if the batteries need changing.

Connected pet care

A SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect or a SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect can give you peace of mind that your cat is coming into and going out of the house as normal, as you can view their activity in the Sure Petcare app while you are away. Meanwhile, you can also view your cat's feeding activity in the Sure Petcare app with the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect. This product also serves accurate portions, making it easy for a cat sitter to feed your cat as normal while you are on holiday.

Veterinary assistance

Give your cat sitter your vet’s telephone number so that they know who to contact if your cat has a medical emergency. Leave your cat carrier out for your cat sitter in case they need to take your cat to the vet while you are away.

Find a reputable cattery

If you decide to put your cat in a cattery whilst you are on holiday, take a look at International Cat Care’s list of recommended catteries. These have all been inspected and they meet the high standards set out by the Standard for the Construction and Management of Boarding Catteries.

Provide home comforts

Whether your cat is staying at home or going to a cattery while you are on holiday, make sure they have access to their favourite toys, beds or blankets. This is especially important if they are being housed in a cattery because their own things will carry their smell and the smell of home, helping them feel more relaxed.

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