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Games to play with your cat

Coming up with games to play with your cat can keep playtime fun and interesting for both you and your pet. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hide in a box

Cats love boxes and they’re a cheap form of entertainment. Keep a few boxes of different sizes around the house and have fun watching your cat jump in and out of them. Cut holes in the sides of the boxes for your cat to crawl through and smaller holes that you can poke toys through for them to play with and chase.

Follow the light

Use a reflective surface to bounce light around the room for your cat to chase. This works better than a laser pointer, which could damage your cat’s eyes. This game should conclude with a physical toy for your cat to catch, because if you end a hunting game where your cat has nothing to show for it, they could get very frustrated.


You might think fetch is a game saved for dogs, but lots of cats will enjoy this classic game. All you need is a balled-up piece of paper and a bit of space and you’re good to go.

Toy on a string

Cats love to bat toys that dangle from a string. These can be made easily at home or purchased cheaply. Make the toy challenging to catch by dangling it high in the air or hiding it behind furniture.

Treasure hunt

If your cat eats dry food or treats, turn their food into a game by hiding pieces of it around your home for them to find. This encourages their natural instinct to hunt.

App games

There are apps designed especially for cats! These include fish or mice that they have to chase across the screen. It might not sustain them for long, but it can mentally stimulate them.

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