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Five signs your cat loves you

Some might think that cats aren’t great at showing affection, but there are actions or body language that your cat displays that demonstrates that they are happy in your company. This Valentine’s Day why not look out for these five signs that your cat loves you.

Slow blinking

When a cat blinks slowly this demonstrates that they are happy, content and comfortable in your company. It shows that they are completely relaxed around you and that they trust you. Why not try blinking slowly back at them to show them you are happy in their company too.   

Kneading their paws

It’s thought that cats knead their paws when they are content because that’s what they used to do when they were kittens when they suckled milk from their mothers. So, if your cat kneads their paws while sitting on your lap, it could be their way of saying that they love you as much as they love their mother! The more you stroke your cat, the more they might knead, indicating that they love the attention you are giving them.

Slight curve of their tail

If your cat’s tail is pointing up with a slight curve in the end, this indicates that your cat is happy in your company and could also mean that they want to play with you. Show your cat some love in return by playing their favourite game or getting out their favourite toys.

Showing their belly

A cat’s belly is a vulnerable part of its body. Therefore, if a cat rolls over and displays their belly, this indicates that they trust you and feel completely comfortable in your company. It doesn’t necessarily, however, mean that they want a tummy rub. Some cats like tummy rubs, while others don’t. You know your cat, so don’t break the trust by rubbing their tummy if they don’t like it.


It’s been found that cats purr for different reasons, but if your cat is on your lap enjoying a cuddle, then it’s more than likely that their purr means that they are enjoying your company and showing their appreciation for the attention you are giving them.

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