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The Carpenter family

Saving money on prescription food with the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Scott Carpenter has two SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeders for his cats, Muscrat and Piper. Muscrat is fed a prescription diet because he gets urinary tract infections, and prior to using the feeders, both pets had to be fed the same food because Scott had no way of separating their dishes. This became expensive.

The Microchip Pet Feeders will only open for a registered pet’s microchip or RFID collar tag, so now Muscrat and Piper will only be able to eat from their feeder. This means that Scott no longer has to feed Piper the same expensive food that Muscrat eats. Scott is saving money on pet food and his pets are eating more healthily. Muscrat and Piper took to their feeders from the moment Scott put them in front of them.

Scott, what would you say are the main benefits of the feeder?

Peace of mind - We love knowing that Muscrat is now getting his share of food and that Piper is eating a controlled portion. While it didn't hurt Piper to eat the prescription food it feels better knowing that she can now eat a variety of brands and flavors and we don't have to worry about Muscrat eating it.

Two cats eating from SureFeed Microchip Pet FeedersSaves money - Muscrat's prescription of Hills CD is $60 for a small 17.6 lb bag of dry food and $40 for 24 cans of wet food. When both cats were eating the prescription food we would go through $100 of food in approximately two months. Now with Piper eating a much less expensive brand of cat food our pet food costs are about 40% less a year. 

Cool factor - Yeah… it's cool. Our house guests love the new system and sit and watch as the cats walk up and activate the doors on their feeders. We feel like high-tech pet owners.

Have you noticed any changes in your cats’ behaviours?

For sure. We learned that Piper eats her food much faster than Muscrat. So previously, when they ran out of food it was likely due to her consumption. She is only two years old and has been putting on some weight. Now that her portions are controlled she is having to adjust her body and wants to be fed most of the day. While Muscrat now has food to eat throughout the day even though he is getting the same portion size as Piper.

Would you recommend the feeder to other pet owners with multiple pets?

Yes, and I already have.

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