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The Townley family

Adopted cat Woody benefits from a Microchip Pet Feeder

Niccy Townley is the branch co-ordinator for Cats Protection Cambridge. She is often called out to collect an unwanted or stray cat, and it was on one of these trips in December 2014 that she first met Woody.

In December 2014 Niccy received a call from an owner who could not care for her ever growing number of cats and had a kitten to re-home. When she arrived she found a three month old kitten who was in a bad way.  There appeared to be a tumour in his mouth and his fur was infested with fleas. Niccy took him home and started to nurse him back to health. With some careful treatment, Woody (as she now calls him) soon started to recover. Sadly his trouble didn’t end there, as a trip to the vets revealed that Woody has Eosinophilia (an immune system disorder). This meant that he would have to be fed a specially formulated diet to prevent the return of his tumours and sores. 

Niccy was concerned that Woody’s condition would make it difficult to re-home him, so she set about caring for him along with her five cats and the other rescue cats in her care.


Niccy's house - It's a cat's paradise

Woody joined Niccy’s existing cat family: 17-year old Kitty, Maya, Caro, T.G. and Ptolemy, a very handsome Bengal cross. Niccy also has a number of cats that she fosters until they are found a new home. There are currently two kittens in the office and one in the garden enclosure. She has quite a few mouths to feed and diets to control! That’s where the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder comes in. 

Can you describe your feeding routine before you got the Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder?

“Woody had been originally isolated from other cats with his own food during his recovery. He had been able to and liked to naturally graze on his food throughout the day. But once he was with other cats they kept eating his food leaving him to go hungry.”

Woody eating from the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder


Woody and NiccyWoody

"Since having the feeder I haven't had to worry about Woody not getting enough food."

How have things changed since Woody started using the feeder?

“Since having the feeder I haven’t had to worry about Woody not getting enough food, he is able to come back to his bowl whenever he wants and knows there is food there. Woody is now seven months old and has been using the feeder for about four weeks. Since then he hasn’t eaten anything he shouldn’t have. His health is so much better. It’s been a godsend.” 

Take a look at Woody's Story on YouTube.

Show your support

If you would like to help a cat like Woody, visit www.cambridge.cats.org.uk and learn more about the cats in their care.  

In the Townley home...

Microchip Pet Feeder

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