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The Coppins family

Microchip Pet Door Connect lets cat owner stay connected whilst on holiday

Lisa purchased a Microchip Pet Door Connect for her five-year-old cat Molly. Molly had never used a cat flap before, but she got to grips with using the pet door very quickly. We got in touch with Lisa to find out why she chose this product and how it is helping her to care for Molly and keep track of her movements in and out of the house.

Lisa, can you tell us why you purchased a Microchip Pet Door Connect?

We have a motorhome which we go away in quite a bit, so I wanted to be able to give Molly some freedom and keep her inside when I wanted to. I wanted to know where she was while we were away.

How did you find the setup of the Microchip Pet Door Connect?

It was really simple. I just followed the steps and everything worked!

Molly cat through Microchip Pet Door ConnectHas the pet door solved any particular issues that you had previously experienced?

Yes. I was constantly worried about getting Molly inside before dark. I was often up walking around outside calling her or leaving a back door open, so she could come inside. Sometimes this resulted in my dog barking at unknown cats trying to come in, which wasn't ideal in the middle of the night!

Has the pet door provided you with more control over Molly’s access?

Yes! I have used the curfew feature a lot. It has also been handy when Molly has wanted to go outside earlier than the curfew time, so I have just changed it while lying in bed!

Has the pet door enabled you to have any further insight into Molly’s behaviour?

Yes, I've noticed that after a meal Molly likes to venture outside in the morning and in the evening.

Did you notice any changes in Molly’s behaviour after installing the pet door?

Yes! Molly actually spent the first 13 days or so sleeping next to the pet door all night! Normally she would sleep on my bed, or the spare bed. This has been her first cat flap and I suspect she didn't want other cats entering! She now trusts the door to keep others out enough to come back and sleep on the bed with me.

Does the pet door make you feel more connected to your pets?

Yes! Especially when we are away, or I am at work.

How did you find the set-up of the app?

Very simple! It was easy to follow and was no hassle at all.

How often do you use the app and when do you interact with it most?

I check the notifications most. I like to see when she has come back in or gone out. I like to look at the timeline to see her patterns of behaviour and how often she has come in or gone out.

Do the notifications provide any additional insight?

They are very handy, and a quick way to see if she has left or come back in. I love the notification as it says, 'hi Molly' or 'bye Molly'. It is a nice touch.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

It has been a great way to stay connected when we have been away and when we have had a friend feeding her. It is nice giving her some freedom to come and go as well as being able to change the curfew when we are hundreds of kilometres away from home. Just having that has helped me feel happier about going away on holiday.

The only thing I would add is that this is her first cat flap and she is five. So, it is possible to teach cats who are not used to having a cat flap at all to use one.

Would you recommend the product?

Absolutely! It is definitely worth having for your own peace of mind.

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