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Microchip Pet Door

Two Maine Coons and their SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Phil Hewitt and his two beautiful Maine Coons, Charlie and Sascha were finding life quite stressful. They were being terrorised by a farm cat that would enter the house through their standard cat flap and steal their food. Phil knew he had to do something to help protect his cats from the home invader.

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Find out how Purrkins the cat stays safe at night

Meet Purrkins, his owner, Nancy wanted to give him access to discover outside, but she was wary about him being out all day.

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Treacle the dog stops barking thanks to her new pet door

Tired of being interrupted by your dog every time you sit down for dinner, during that Sunday morning lie in or when you are trying to work? Meet Treacle. Like many dogs, she would bark at her owner Marion whenever she wanted to go outside at any time of the day, especially when she need the toilet. It didn’t matter to Treacle if it was 5am; when she had to go she had to go!

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