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The Scolard family

Peace of mind with the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect

Aisling has three cats; Lexi is 8, Logan is 6 and Loki is 3. We got in touch with her to find out how the Microchip Cat Flap Connect has given her peace of mind.

Why did you decide to purchase a Microchip Cat Flap Connect?

I had a SureFlap Microchip Pet Door in my old apartment, and I needed to get a new cat flap for my new home. I wanted something that allowed me to let two of my cats out while keeping another in, and the Cat Flap Connect seemed like the perfect option. Also, having used Sure Petcare products before, I knew the customer service was amazing. I wanted to continue buying from your company, so I didn't really look at other companies’ products.

How did you find the setup of the product?

Very easy! I installed the door myself. The Hub was easy to set up and the app was easy to use. The only thing that took me a while to figure out was how to change a cat to indoor from outdoor access, but I figured it out by going to your website.

Has the cat flap solved any particular issues that you previously experienced?

When I've had a sick cat before and needed to keep them in, it was difficult to change the settings of the door. I had to reset the door and add the two back in that I wanted to let out, which was pretty time consuming. It was also difficult to set curfews or change the settings on the door to let cats in only. With this door I can do literally all of that at the push of a button, which really helped recently when all three of my cats were sick for different periods of time.

cat case studycat case study

Have you learnt anything about your cats’ activity that you didn’t know before?

So much!!! I love checking the chart that tells me how much time they spent outside each day. Lexi clearly doesn't care about being outside at all, whereas Logan will go out multiple times a day. He spends a significant amount of time outside. It's helped me learn more about their individual personalities and preferences.

Please could you describe the experience you had with our customer service?

Absolutely exceptional. With my old pet door, even beyond the warranty, you guys were willing to help me out when I contacted with an issue, and free of charge too. That's not anything I've ever experienced with a company and it fixed your company in my mind for life.

Have you shared access to the app with anyone such as friends or family?

No, I haven't needed to.

Would you recommend the product and if so, why?

Definitely. It's something I'm recommending to my friends. It just makes a load of little things easier for you. As an example - on the day of Halloween, I forgot to change the access before I left early for work... Obviously pets should be kept indoors that day. Without the app I would have had to travel home and change it, but because I had the app, I was able to change it while sitting on public transport. I was also able to check that all three of my cats were indoors too, so I had great peace of mind.

Is there any other feedback you would like to share?

Just that before I bought it, I wouldn't have thought it absolutely necessary to have the 'connect' option. It seemed like a nice-to-have. But having used it now for a few months, I'd never go back to a cat flap without it.

In the Scolard home...

Microchip Cat Flap Connect

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