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The Hood family

Animo offers insight into two dogs’ active lifestyles

Lucy has been using Animo, our new activity and behaviour monitor on her dogs Daisy and Molly for the last two months. The device has given Lucy an insight into her dogs’ lives and helped her to see that they are active when she is absent from them.

Small and secure

We got Lucy’s thoughts on Animo. She said: “The app’s appearance is really good. It’s clear and easy to use. The mechanism is really good. I initially had doubts over it staying on, but it’s been really secure and has never come off. I was expecting something which was bulkier, but the Animo is so small that I don’t notice it anymore.”

Activity insights

Both dogs have access to a back yard, so they have lots of room to run and play. Lucy has noticed their behaviour more and says it’s interesting to see when the peaks in activity happen.

Before Animo, Lucy was convinced that Daisy didn’t do much even though she has access to the outside. But having Animo has shown that Daisy does do a lot more during the day than Lucy thought. It’s reassuring to see that she is active.

Animo case studyAnimo case study

Sleep quality

Animo has helped Lucy to confirm that Molly is an all or nothing dog. She is either running or sleeping! Animo records a dog’s sleep quality score. Molly is more active at night, which Lucy didn’t previously know, and Animo shows that she has bursts of activity in the morning. However, Animo has helped to confirm that when Molly is sleeping, it is good quality sleep.

Lifestyle changer

Animo records how much activity a dog is getting each day. Lucy has changed her behaviour to ensure that Molly and Daisy get enough exercise by taking them on longer walks; she’s more conscious of walking them now.

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