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Sure Petcare wins double gold at PetQuip pet trade awards

Pet product specialist Sure Petcare won double gold for Pet Product of the Year – Health/technical for their latest tech products at the PetQuip Awards 2018.

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect and the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect, both launched in the last 12 months, were awarded the highest accolade in the Pet Product of the Year category at the ceremony held on Sunday 23 September 2018 at the PATS exhibition in Telford.  The awards celebrate companies who have made a difference to the pet trade in the previous year.

Nick Hill, Managing Director, Sure Petcare said: “We were delighted to be double gold winners for the Pet Product of the Year for a health and technical product for our Microchip Pet Door Connect and Microchip Cat Flap Connect products.  Both products have joined our already successful microchip enabled pet doors and feeders in the last year and are the first in our connected range of products which are central to our forward plans to build a connected pet ecosystem, designed with the pet at the centre as well as help owners proactively care for their pet. Both enable owners to control the pet door from anywhere using the Sure Petcare app, as well as gather information about their pet’s behaviour, identifying changes over time.

We have already received fantastic feedback from our customers about both products and we are delighted to receive the recognition from the Pet Trade industry.”

Feedback from the judges for the awards were that the products were streamlined and well designed, with the packaging providing clear and concise information actually on the box. This is an important feature for independent stores who do not have the space to mount a display trying to illustrate what a product is for.  In every way these are premium products for a discerning market.

Designed for cats and small dogs, the Microchip Pet Door Connect works with a “Hub” device, which connects the pet door to the internet. The pet owner is then able to control and monitor the comings and goings of their pets from the Sure Petcare app when they’re away from home.

The Microchip Cat Flap Connect, which is a drop-in replacement for many standard cat flaps, enables owners to not only control the door from anywhere to unlock or lock, owners can also set selected entry permissions for each pet allowing indoor cats to stay indoors at the same time as providing outdoor cats the freedom to the outdoors.  Both products have been designed to support a wider pet ecosystem to be developed and released by Sure Petcare over the next 12 months, supporting their mission to enable proactive pet care, by providing owners with greater insight into their pet’s behaviour. 

Both pet doors work with a Hub to connect to the Sure Petcare app to provide owners with valuable insight into their pets’ behaviour and utilises microchip-reading technology and unlocks only when it recognises the resident pet’s microchip or RFID-collar tag, ensuring unwanted animals are kept out.

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