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Cats use Microchip Cat Flap for nine years

Ian Hancock has been a Sure Petcare customer for nine years and his two cats have been using a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap since they were kittens. This year we’re celebrating ten years of the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap, so we got in touch with Ian to find out how our product has withstood the test of time.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about your cats Ian?

"My cats are called Jenson and Button, so named because they were born on the day Jenson Button won the F1 Championship (Button also has a button-shaped mark on his paw, just like a Steiff Bear). They are brothers and were abandoned with their mother after they were born. I have had them from about seven weeks old. Although they are brothers, they have different characters. Jenson is a big softy albeit a little bit stupid, while Button has the brains of the two. He always needs to know what’s going on and is as curious as a cat! One time he went missing for a week, and we suspected his nosiness led him to become locked in a shed or garage. Luckily, he came home safely. Button likes to go off for hours on end in the summer, whereas Jenson is a home boy. The boys will be nine this year and both still play, ignore, fight, cuddle and hiss at each other just like any brothers."

Ian is now on his third Microchip Cat Flap, so we asked him what happened to the others:

"The electronics died in the first one and it was replaced under warranty. The second one succumbed to the “Coat Hanger Incident”. We came home to find a coat hanger pulled with force through the cat flap, completely wrecking it. The only clues were a collar next to the flap and Button not wearing his collar. We deduced that Button, being the inquisitive cat that he is, had managed to get the coat hanger caught in his collar and bolted out in fright, destroying the cat flap along the way!"

Have you bought any other Sure Petcare products?

"Not yet, but we are considering the SureFeed bowls."

How has the product helped you?

"It has stopped the neighbour’s cat (Stiggy the Piggy) from coming in and eating the boys’ food."

What problem has it solved? 

"Because the neighbour’s cat can’t get in, he can no longer steal food or spray in the house."

Have you recommended any of our products to friends or family?

"Yes, I know two of my friends have installed the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap."

Why did you recommend it?

"Mainly to stop other cats coming in and for the peace and security that it gives."

Is there any other feedback you would like to share?

"SureFlap is a great product and on the whole works extremely well; sort of does what it says on the tin. It has a good lock and the sensors work well, even with Jenson’s microchip which is located in his shoulder due to wiggling when he had it fitted." 


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