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The Cooper family

Carly-Sue and her seven Microchip Pet Feeders

Carly-Sue lives in Adelaide, Australia with her impressive family of seven cats! She purchased seven SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeders; one for each cat.

Carly-Sue's cats range in age from one year to eight years old. As you can imagine, feeding each cat their fair share of food has been difficult. Carly-Sue tried to feed each cat separately; a monumental task with so many mouths to feeder. She couldn’t do this all the time and sometimes certain cats would steal another cat’s food. 


Cats eating from SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeders

Can you tell us more about your cats’ eating habits?

“One of my cats has a sensitive stomach and two other cats could do with a few extra grams. Another cat has entered his senior years. Ad lib feeding had not been working with that many cats and as a result three out of seven cats have needed to lose a little weight.”

Carly-Sue feeds her cats varied diets. Azereus is currently on Hills C/D for an 8 week trial. C/D is a urinary and anti-stress diet as Azereus has some behavioural spraying issues. If the trial is unsuccessful then Azereus will be moved to Royal Canin Senior Consult Stage 1. Tex eats Hills I/D. Being a Bengal he has a sensitive stomach and Hills I/D makes his faecal movements normal. This keeps him in perfect body condition as per Australian veterinary BCS standards. Neville and Slim previously also ate Hills I/D so that they could gain weight over a period of eight weeks and will move onto Royal Canin Young Male Neutured once they have reached their goal weight. Fatboy, Colton and Gill are fed Royal Canin Obesity. This is used to reduce their weight as they are all obese.

In order to ensure that each cat could eat healthily, Carly-Sue knew she had to find a solution. She searched online and found the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder. After some careful consideration, she purchased seven feeders and she’s never looked back!


Seven cats eating from Microchip Pet Feeders

Pile of Microchip Pet Feeder boxes

"For multi-pet households or those on a variety of diets this product is totally essential."


What made you decide on the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder?

“It is a great product; I was definitely sold when I found it, however the price did make it hard for me to decide. I did do a lot of research and it is the most superior product around as others were larger and noisier. The others also used RFID tags instead of the option of using it with a microchip or RFID tag as the feeder does. A great product all round and my only hesitation was the cost of the feeder. It is definitely worth it now that I have them though.

How quickly did your cats get used to their new feeders?

“Five of the cats went straight to eating from the bowl, while the other two were just a bit shy! I thought it would take a while for them to assimilate, but they adjusted quite quickly to the new feeding regime. After two weeks they generally seemed much happier. It’s week three now and the diets are working beautifully!”

How have the feeders made a difference in your home?

“Every cat knows their bowl location and feeding time is much less time consuming! The fat cats are steadily losing weight and in no time will be trim, taut and terrific again! They have been eating Royal Canin Obesity food since the feeders arrived and all three have maintained a steady loss of 100-200gms per week. The skinny cats have started to fill out and my sensitive tummied boy is now doing firm stools every time!”

Would you recommend the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder to your friends and family?

“Absolutely, for multi-pet households or those on a variety of diets this product is totally essential."

In the Cooper home...

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