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The Jeffery family

Microchip Pet Feeder Connect helps control cat’s diet

David has a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect for each of his two eight-year-old cats, Milo and Jo. The feeders help to keep Milo on the right track with his diet and give David an insight into their eating habits. We got in touch with David to find out more.

How did you find the setup of the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect?

Looking at the manual, the setup seemed complicated, but when you get into it, it’s actually very easy.

Has the Feeder Connect solved any particular issues that you previously experienced?

Yes, we have one cat on a diet. The cats have lived together for eight years and used to share bowls and food. They used to have four bowls and start at one end of the row and move along to the next bowl. When they got to the end of the row, they would start again. We never noticed that Milo would eat more than Jo. When Milo was put on a diet, it was difficult to separate them in different rooms so that Milo wouldn’t steal Jo’s food. The Feeder Connects have solved this issue, as now we can feed the cats in the same room without any food theft occurring. Jo also now gets his full portion of food.

Jo the catMilo the cat

Has the Feeder Connect given you an insight into your cats’ feeding habits?

Yes, we have found Milo eats all his food in one sitting and Jo spreads his feeding throughout the day.  

Does the Feeder Connect make you feel more connected to your cats?

I think it has helped me understand their personalities better.

Are you using the single bowls, or the half bowls?

They’re both using the half bowls as they both eat wet and dry food.

How did you find the setup of the app?

The application was easy to set up.

How often do you use the app and when do you interact with the app most?

Once a day to check their usage and to look at the notifications.  Also, when I go on holiday, I can see that my mum has fed them as she cat sits for me.

Is there any area of the app that you have used most?

I love being able to see when and how much they eat. That has revealed the fact that Jo is a grazer and doesn't eat everything in one sitting.

Do you find the notifications useful, and if so, why?

Yes, I like being able to see that the portions being served are correct and I like being able to see how much they eat.

Have you shared access to the app with anyone such as friends, family or pet sitters?

Yes, my wife has access and so does my mum who cat sits.

Would you recommend the product?

Yes, I already have to a few people who have cats with dietary requirements.

How did you first hear about Sure Petcare?

Through the vets.

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Microchip Pet Feeder Connect

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