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The Rainey family

Microchip Pet Door Connect keeps five cats safe at night

Jane Rainey and her husband have five cats, Django (almost 17), Percy (aged 11), Solveig (aged 8), and Jenssen and Toast (both aged 7). They purchased a Microchip Pet Door Connect so that they could control the pet door remotely, view their cats’ patterns of activity and use the curfew mode.


Jane, can you tell us how the pet door is benefitting you and your cats?

We are both musicians and are away on tour for four nights at a time. It is fantastic to be able to set a curfew to avoid the busiest traffic times and to know who is in. Our cat sitter no longer needs to return to shut the flap at night or press any buttons as it is all now done using the hub.

Has the pet door provided you with more control over your cats’ access?

The curfew mode is a wonderful feature. We have it set to open at 8.15 am when commuters have left for work and to shut at 11pm. Our cat sitter usually feeds them about 7.30am which is too early to open the flap and again at 4 – 5pm which is too early to close it. If you have a later vet appointment it is very useful to be able to keep that particular cat in.

Has the pet door given you an insight into the behaviour of your cats?

It is great to know how long they spend outdoors and see their activity patterns, especially Django as he is nearly 17. He seems to go out for around four minutes several times a day although now the weather is getting warmer I suspect that will increase. Our girl Solveig is far more active than the boys!

Jenssen the cat

Does the pet door make you feel more connected with your cats?

Absolutely, it provides peace of mind when we are not at home and I love to see what they have been up to!

How often do you use the app and when do you interact with the app most?

We see each notification and often check to see who is in especially around curfew time. I also look at the graph to see how much time they spend inside and out.

Is there any area of the app that you have used most?

The curfew is set and for us is one of the most valuable features. We look at the notifications and homepage quite a lot and feel connected to our cats when away. I particularly like the report and if you tap on each day you can see exactly how many hours they have spent inside or outside.

Percy the catToast the cat

Do the notifications provide any additional insight?

It will be very interesting to see their activity pattern in the summer. At the moment they are all pretty lazy but once the nights are shorter Solveig tends to stay out a lot. When we are away our cat sitter sometimes doesn’t see her at meal times and we will be able to see if she has been in or looked through the door.

Would you recommend the product?

Absolutely, we both think it is fantastic!

How did you first hear about Sure Petcare?

We saw one at the vets and the promotional video. When we realised you could set the flap remotely we knew we had to have one!


In the Rainey home...

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