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The Nagel family

Animo enables owner to compare activity and behaviour of both his dogs

Danie has using Animo, our new activity and behaviour monitor on his two dogs for the last three months. His dogs are Skaara, a Siberian Husky crossed with a Malamute, and Jock, a black Labrador.

Skaara and Jock case studyDuring the first couple of days of using Animo, Danie was checking the data like a hawk to make sure the information was accurate, but now his engagement is down to interest only because he’s built up a level of trust that the data is accurate. Danie’s interaction with the Animo app starts in the morning when he checks how well both dogs slept the previous night.

Danie finds the goals on the gauges of the app dashboard useful and will always aim to ensure his dogs reach their goals. Since using Animo, he has found that he has changed his behaviour towards their activity. For example, if he discovers in the app that the dogs have almost reached their goal, he’ll take them out for an extra walk so that they can hit their target for the day.

He finds it interesting to learn how many calories the dogs burn and likes being able to see the difference between the two dogs. Danie was delighted when he learnt that his partner could sync the Animos whilst he is at work so that he can view the data during the day. This is a feature he didn’t expect, and he loves it. When he’s not with the dogs, he’s glad to see that they do things other than just lie down all day. However, Skaara has hip dysplasia, so Animo has also been useful for checking that he doesn’t over-exercise.

We asked Danie if Animo has helped him to feel more connected to his pets. He said: “It is true I do feel more connected to them. I wouldn’t have thought about it that way but, yes, I probably do. It’s always fascinating to see what they do when you’re not around”.

Animo has been designed to be a durable, lifelong addition to a dog’s daily care. Skaara and Jock will often play together roughly, and during these interactions, neither Animo has become damaged nor fallen off, demonstrating the product’s durability.

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