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Sure Petcare to showcase connected product ecosystem at CES

Sure Petcare will be attending CES in Las Vegas for the first time on 8-11 January 2019. For 50 years CES has been a gathering place for next-generation innovations, making it the ideal event for us to showcase our connected product ecosystem; a suite of smart pet products which are designed to work together to offer pet owners a proactive way to care for their pets.

Our ecosystem features two connected doors, the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect and the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door, and Animo, an activity and behaviour monitor for dogs.

Connected pet doors

The Microchip Cat Door Connect is the world’s most advanced cat door, combining microchip reading technology to keep intruder animals out and app connectivity to enable remote locking and an insight into a cat’s behaviour over time. DualScan™ technology enables certain cats to be kept indoors whilst others can come and go freely. A pet’s permissions can be changed easily at any time with the Sure Petcare app. Meanwhile, the Microchip Pet Door Connect is our larger door, which is ideal for large cat breeds and small dogs.

SureFlap connected doors plot a pet’s activity in and out of the house over time using graphs, which can highlight changes in a pet’s behaviour. For example, if a cat starts going outside more than usual, this could mean that they are going to the toilet more due to possible illness, which may require a trip to the vets. Without a connected door, this type of activity may go unnoticed, especially if an owner is at work for much of the day.

Animo – activity and behaviour monitor for dogs

Animo is a collar-mounted device that is designed as a lifelong addition to a dog’s daily care. Animo learns and interprets the unique activity and behaviour patterns of an individual dog, helping owners to adapt their pet’s care to meet the changes in their needs as they get older. It can track a dog’s activity levels and owners can set daily goals to ensure their dog gets enough exercise. Animo monitors sleep quality and highlights raised levels of barking, scratching or shaking, which could be an indication of illness or discomfort.

Connected product ecosystem

Further connected products

These products are just some of the building blocks that make up the Sure Petcare connected product ecosystem. We have further products to add to the suite including our SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, which will be launched in 2019. CES attendees will get a first look at the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, which will be able to weigh a pet’s food, allow portion control and indicate how regularly and how much a pet eats. Keeping track of a pet’s feeding habits can prevent obesity and highlight if a pet is unwell if their feeding habits change.

When used together, each individual monitoring device in the connected product ecosystem will give a comprehensive picture of a pet’s health and wellbeing. Visit the Sure Petcare booth #42367 at CES to discover the present and future of connected pet products.

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