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Sure Petcare announces winners of Animo at Dog Lovers Show Sydney

Sure Petcare, the pet technology specialist, showed a preview of its soon-to-be launched latest pet tech, Animo – a dog behaviour and activity monitor, to visitors to the stand at the Dog Lovers Show, Sydney on 4 and 5 August 2018.

Congratulations to winners Kim Pickavance and Megan Fletcher who will be shortly receiving an Animo following on from the competition on the stand which was run over both days of the show.  Entrants registered to win one of two Animo products when they launch later in the year.

Shown for the first time in Australia and launching in October, Animo allows owners to track their dog’s activity and behaviour, building a comprehensive picture of their health and wellbeing. Animo is more than the standard ‘Activity Monitor’; it provides owners with a window into their pet’s day: his activity, behaviour and wellbeing.  By learning a pet’s daily behaviour traits, Animo alerts owners to possible changes outside normal parameters, including barking, scratching and shaking and also includes:

  • Activity and Behaviour Monitor
  • Records sleep quality during the night
  • Monitors activity and play. Set goals and check these against recommendations
  • Reports behaviour-based insights to help indicate changes in health or wellbeing
  • Durable, lightweight, compact and waterproof – designed to cope for the day to day activity demands
  • Six-month battery life which is easy to replace with a coin cell which does not need repeated recharge

Animo has a suite of algorithms that interpret activity data into accurate and intelligent insights and is the culmination of extensive research and collaboration between Antelliq group companies to apply this world-class animal monitoring system to canine activity and behaviour.  The breadth of activity and behaviour monitoring delivered, as well as the accuracy of its algorithms will make it a game-changing product.

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