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Why it’s important to monitor your cat’s feeding

Obesity is a big problem amongst the cat population with many owners not even realising their cats are overweight. It’s important to have your cat weighed to find out if they are a healthy weight and to monitor their feeding to ensure they don’t overeat.

Monitoring feeding

Monitoring your cat’s feeding can help to keep your cat’s weight under control as well as ensuring they don’t eat food they shouldn’t. If a cat consumes food that is meant for another pet, this could lead to obesity or even health issues if the food is medicated.

A SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect can help. It has internet connectivity and connects to the Sure Petcare app, enabling you to monitor how much and how often your cat eats. Integrated scales ensure you always feed accurate food portions and you can see when your pet was last fed, preventing overfeeding in busy households.

The feeder is microchip operated. If you have more than one cat, multiple feeders will ensure they don’t steal each other’s food, which is ideal if you have a greedy pet or a pet on a prescription diet. Food stealing can be one of the major culprits of weight problems. It can make some cats overweight, while timid cats may become underweight if they don’t have exclusive access to their food and it’s being stolen by a more dominant cat.

Noticing changes in feeding

Another important reason to monitor a cat’s feeding is to spot changes in their feeding routine. Changes in a cat’s feeding could be an indication that a cat is unwell or distressed. With many of us leading busy lives and spending a lot of time away from our cats, it can be hard to spot if they have changed how they eat.

The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect tracks a cat’s feeding behaviour over time which is displayed in graphs within the Sure Petcare app and can viewed from anywhere. This enables you to spot patterns in your cat’s feeding to identify any changes.

Veterinary care

Monitoring feeding can help your cat to get the right veterinary care. You can share the data from the Sure Petcare app with your vet to help identify why your cat might be eating more or less than usual.

Changes in feeding behaviour could be an indication of any number of illnesses, so the sooner an illness is diagnosed, the sooner a cat can get the right care they need.

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