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Selecting the right food for your kitten or cat

Learning what to feed your kitten or cat will set them up for a healthy lifestyle. Their nutritional needs will change throughout their life as they grow from kitten, to adult cat, to senior cat and there is wet or dry food to consider. Also, your cat may need to have a change in diet if they develop a medical condition.

Life-stage diets

Kittens burn a lot of energy and grow at a fast pace. Therefore, kitten food contains high levels of protein to ensure proper growth. Senior cats lead a much slower pace of life, so senior cat food contains antioxidants and fatty acids to suit their more sedentary lifestyle.

Wet or dry food?

The high water content of wet cat food helps to keep your pet hydrated and some cats will prefer wet food to dry as they find it more appealing. Dry food has its benefits too though, as it lasts longer after you’ve opened the packet and doesn’t smell as much; a benefit if your cat likes to graze on their food throughout the day. Some cats will like to feed on both wet and dry food.

If you bring a new cat home and you want to experiment with wet and dry food, be sure to make any changes to their diet gradually to avoid stomach upsets.

Whatever you feed your cat, you can help to keep the food fresher with one of our SureFeed products, which have a lid that closes onto a sealed bowl, protecting the food and with bowls suitable for serving wet and dry food simultaneously, they’ll suit most cats’ preferences.

Prescription diets

Cats with medical conditions may require a prescription diet to manage their condition. Your vet will be able to advise you on this. Your cat may be so reliant on their prescription diet that it’s a good idea to ensure that it cannot be consumed by any other pets in the house. Give your cat a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder or a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect and then only they will have access to their food as it will only open for them. The Microchip Pet Feeder is also ideal for multi-cat homes where one pet steals another pet’s food as it will only open for the registered cat’s microchip.

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