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Key signs that intruder cats are entering your home

Intruder cats in your home can cause stress to your cat and damage to your home. You might never see another cat in your house, but your cat’s behaviour can give you clues that there has been an intruder animal in your home. Some signs are obvious, while others may be more subtle. We take a look at some things to look out for.


Cats are solitary, territorial creatures so the presence of an intruder cat can cause them great stress, which can lead to illnesses such as urinary tract infections.


Your own cat might start to spray in your home to try to ward off intruders. The intruder may also spray in your house to try to stake their claim on your home. Spraying is a cat’s way of marking their territory and sending a message to other cats telling them to stay away.


Many cats will prefer to avoid conflict rather than have physical fights with other cats, so if your cat is suddenly hiding more than usual, it could mean they are trying to avoid an interaction with an intruder cat in your home.

Litter tray

If your cat has a litter tray in the house, the presence of an intruder cat may cause your cat to toilet outside of the litter tray. This is because cats prefer to go to the toilet in private. When they use the toilet, they are vulnerable, so they may choose to go to the toilet in an area of the house where they feel less threatened by the intruder.

Cat flap

If your cat has a habit of standing watch by the cat flap, this could be because they are watching for intruders that have started to use it. Installing a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap will prevent intruder cats from entering the cat flap, helping your cat to feel more relaxed in their own home.

Feeding habits

If your cat changes their feeding habits, this could mean that they are feeling the pressure of another cat in the home. For example, your cat might start to eat their food more quickly for fear of it being stolen by another cat. A SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect can tell you if your cat’s feeding habits change, and it also prevents other animals eating your cat’s food.

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