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Charity Partners

Charitable giving - how you can support your favourite charity through Sure Petcare

Donations to charities this year have been reducing, with figures showing up to a reduction of almost a third*of voluntary donations due to the effects of the global pandemic. At a time when much needed funds are more crucial than ever; we’d like to tell you more about two charities that we are proud to have partnered with for several years:

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Wood Green, The Animals Charity – A Sure Petcare Charity Partner

From humble beginnings in 1924 and the subsequent headquarter move from London to Cambridgeshire, Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Godmanchester has become one of the largest pet rehoming centres in Europe for the care of dogs, cats and smalls pets.

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International Cat Care – Charity Overview

International Cat Care helps owned and unowned cats the world over. The charity was started back in 1958 to challenge the sub-standard veterinary care that was about at the time for cats.

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