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SureSense : Monitor your pet's microchip temperature

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What is Thermochip Mini and the SureSense
Microchip Reader?

Thermochip Mini is a new generation of identification microchip with an integrated temperature biosensor. The enables your pet's temperature* AND identification number to be read at the same time.


The SureSense reader scans the chip from a distance without requiring a physical contact with your pet making it quick, easy and stress-free.


Multiple readings can be taken daily from your pet, displaying their subcutaneous (under the skin) temperature.


You can quickly see your pet's individual temperature range and can be alerted to changed to their normal temperature quickly.

Why understanding my pet's temperature range is important

Identifying your pet's normal temperature range means that persistent values outside of this range (either too high or too low) could be abnormal and a sign of illness. This allows you to seek veterinary attention sooner to detect illness.

Body temperature can increase and decrease for many reasons, including the temperature of the environment your pet is in. However, persistent changes to their normal range could mean your pet is unwell and the sooner this is detected, the sooner your pet can be treated.

Track daily fluctuations in temperature

Until recently, the most common way to measure temperature in pets was using a rectal thermometer. Some pets find this stressful, and it isn't practical to take multiple readings throughout the day to track the temperature* fluctuations.

Thermochip and SureSense change all that allowing you to track your pets temperature in the comfort of your own home.

* temperature at the microchip implantation site.

How to use the SureSense Reader

Your pet must be identified with Thermochip or Thermochip Mini microchip, in order to display your pet's temperature*

Place the reader close to the microchip implantation site and the microchip number and temperature will be read in only a few milliseconds.

Read the results and notify your vet if the readings are outside the normal range for your pet.

  • If your pet is already microchipped, you will not be able to use the Thermochip Mini.
  • Do not take your pet’s temperature after they have been in the Sun, as this will not be an accurate reading.
  • Do not take your pet’s temperature immediately after a long walk or exercise, as this will not be an accurate reading.
  • The temperature of Humans is not the same as the temperature of pets, always speak to your vet.
  • Simple to use
  • Monitor at home
  • Soundless
  • Detect microchip fluctuations.
Speak to your vet about Thermochip Mini

Already have your pet microchipped with a Thermochip Mini?

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Buy it! $161.70
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