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Sure Petcare raises £225 for Battersea in silent auction

Battersea held its glitzy Collar and Coats Gala Ball on 1st November at Battersea Evolution in London. Celebrating its tenth year, the black-tie event attracted celebrities such as Dame Jaquelin Wilson and TV doctor Christian Jessen, who noted the health benefits of owning a dog, particularly for young people with learning difficulties.

The event raises vital funds for the dogs and cats in Battersea’s care. As part of the fundraising activities on the night, Battersea ran a silent auction which Sure Petcare donated a SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect and an Animo to, which both raised £225. In total, the Collar and Coats Gala Ball raised £230,000 for Battersea.

The Microchip Cat Door Connect is Sure Petcare’s most recent pet door product. It’s the most advanced cat door ever, creating a deeper connection between pets and owners, giving an insight into a pet’s comings and goings and control of the cat door from anywhere. It’s ideal for multi-cat homes, as it enables certain cats to be kept indoors while others can come and go freely. Like all SureFlap products, the Microchip Cat Door Connect prevents intruder animals entering the home.

Animo is Sure Petcare’s first solely dog oriented product. It is a lifelong activity and behavior monitor, which gives owners an overview of their dog’s activity and sleep quality, allowing them to track any changes over time which could be an indication of illness or distress.

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