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How to build a small agility course in your garden

Getting started in agility training with your dog is easier than you might think, and you will already have a lot of things that you can easily set up in your garden.

Agility is great for training and bonding with your dog, while squeezing in some extra exercise. The main priority is always safety for the pet, so make sure you always keep any course safe. Below are some ideas that you can try without spending a fortune on equipment.


Jumping Obstacles

Most dogs already know how to jump, but this will allow you to create a command to it and make it fun. An easy way to build a safe jump is using old cardboard boxes and something light like a bamboo stick, this way you know the dog cannot get hurt with any failed attempts. Start off with a small jump and gradually build up. Remember to reward your dog each time!


Weaving obstacles

Another simple addition is trying some weaving obstacles, you can find lots of things to use as obstacles around the garden if it is light weight because they may get knocked over. A good way to start is by walking through the course so they get used to the task and reinforce the command that you want to use. Most dogs will do anything for treats so make you have plenty to hand.



You may not have a tunnel to hand, but this is where those big cardboard boxes can have another use! Cut or fold the top and the bottom out the way to make a cost-effective tunnel that your dog can safely enjoy.



If you are feeling more adventurous you can try to build some ramps out of old wood. Make sure that it will be sturdy enough to take the dogs weight and that it is wide enough, so the dog won’t fall off. Like with the hurdles, start small and build up as the confidence of your dog also builds.

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