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Caring for your dog in wet weather

When it’s raining, your dog will still need to go outside to use the toilet or to go for walks. Take a look at these wet weather tips to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible.

Check the weather forecast

It’s not always possible to dodge the wet weather if it’s raining constantly all day, but on days when short bursts are expected, check the weather forecast and if possible, plan your dog’s walks when the least rain is expected.

Shelter from the rain

Provide areas of shelter in the garden so that when your dog needs to go out to use the toilet, they have the option of keeping out of the rain as much as possible. When out for a walk in the rain, consider a walk in the woods as trees can offer a bit of cover.

Doggie raincoat

Some dogs love water and won’t mind going for walks in the rain. For those who are less enthusiastic, raincoats made specifically for dogs can keep dogs drier and warmer while they’re out.

Avoid busy streets

When taking your dog out for a walk, you might want to avoid streets which get a lot of traffic because cars speeding through puddles could make you and your dog extra wet. Stick to quieter streets when it’s raining.

Indoor toys

If your dog spends more time indoors when it’s raining, make sure they have plenty of toys around the house to keep them entertained. Puzzle and toy feeders are a great indoor enrichment activity that are bound to keep your dog entertained, as well as slowing down their feeding if they tend to wolf their meals down.

Keeping your dog clean and dry

Dogs will need extra bathing after they have been out in the rain to remove dirt and mud that has built up. The warm water can also help to warm the up and make them feel more comfortable. If you won’t be bathing them straight away, have a towel on hand to dry off the rainwater so that they don’t get too cold. Keep a towel in the car so that if it starts raining when you go out for the day, you can dry your dog before they get in the car.

Warm bed

After a day out in the rain, your dog might be feeling the chill. Make sure your dog has a warm bed to snuggle up in. You could even give them an electric blanket to keep them extra cosy.

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