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Exercise your dog regularly to keep them happy and healthy

Dogs need daily exercise and it’s important to incorporate their exercise routine into your own daily routine. Dogs should be walked twice a day, but what else can you do to ensure your dog gets enough exercise?

Dog walks with a difference

A gentle stroll through the park might not be enough for some dogs, especially for large breeds that need a more energetic workout. So take the ball, take the Frisbee; or even pick up a stick along the way. Or to get their heart really pounding, take your dog on a run or let them run alongside your bicycle. Be sure to keep an eye on your dog and slow down if they show signs of fatigue. Give your dog an Animo activity and behaviour monitor so that you can keep track of how much exercise your dog is getting and set daily activity goals.

Access to the garden

Give your dog access to the garden during the day while you are at work by installing a pet door. If you have a small/medium sized dog, you could choose a SureFlap Microchip Pet Door that not only lets your dog come and go as they please, but also prevents intruder animals entering your home.

Provide plenty of dog toys

Exercising through play can help to banish boredom by offering an alternative form of exercise to your dog’s daily walks.

Training opportunities

Dog agility and training sessions are great ways for you both to exercise and create a greater bond between you and your pet, and can make life more interesting for your dog. Training should start when your dog is a puppy and they are more impressionable, but even older dogs can be trained with a bit of time and persistence.

Dog socialising

If you have friends with dogs, why not introduce your own dog to them? It’s important that your dog learns to get along with other dogs. Socialising with other dogs also gives your dog a chance to exercise through play.

Dog walkers and day care

If you are worried that your dog might not be getting enough exercise, you could hire a dog walker or send your dog to a dog day care centre while you are at work.

Prevent problem behaviour

Dogs that are not exercised enough may demonstrate problem behaviour such as pleading for attention, furniture chewing or excessive barking. If your dog demonstrates any of this behaviour, try increasing their exercise and if problems persist, speak to your vet for advice.

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